The professional solution of drivers and professional vehicles. We take care for the perfect and safe result.

The ««Parking Kapodistrias» was founded in March 1999 by Christos Kapodistrias for better and safer service of its customers.

It is the first parking in the area of large vehicles in the prefecture of Thessaloniki. Located in B’ kteo region within easy access 200m.

Aim of the parking is to provide customers 24hours service 635 days a year. In a total area 20str. customers have the possibility to park their truck and car, park their loaded trailors, make use of the facilities (cafeteria, bathrooms), spend the night safely to their vehicles, receive a fax at the parking office, have free access to internet and make maintenance of the vehicle. Using our parking your daily routine becomes safer easier and you earn money. You can be confident in the safety of the truck and the goods. Leave your truck in a safe guarded area 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The space is illuminated around and has private security and guardian dogs around the site with surveillance cameras. We are installed in an area of 20 acres where the seats are comfortable and many.

Parking Kapodistrias Thessaloniki
Historical background: The company Parking Kapodistrias has for 16 years solutions in professional drivers and professional vehicles through high quality services.